The Coventry DG Draw Club

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Once again we would like to thank the loyal supporters of the Draw Club for their continued support. As always congratulations to all those who have won and commiserations to all those still waiting for their number to be drawn. Prize money remained at £25, £10 and £5 for eleven months of the year with a December bonus draw of £40, £30, £20 and £10. We were able to hand over £540 to the Guild Bell Repair Fund at the end of the year.

At the end of 2018 we had 89 members although some of these joined during the course of the year. We need 82 Members to make the Club viable but with no bonus months. We continue to hold the names of members who do not renew for one year and then their numbers are reallocated. Unclaimed prize money will be donated separately to the BRF.

Chris Worley and Joy Pluckrose

Draw Club Results 2018

Date 1st Prize   2nd Prize   3rd Prize   4th Prize
  No Name   No Name   No Name   No Name
Jan 75 A Mew   72 A Houghton   21 J Montgomery       
Feb 14 L Grove   4 K Chambers   101 S Tibbetts      
Mar 82 R Grifiths   114 M Sayers   101 S Tibbetts      
Apr 32 M Whitehead   36 D Jones   2 P Richardson       
May 32 M Whitehead   4 K Chambers   121 S Tibbetts      
Jun 11 M Fiander   49 S Rogers   63 K Davies      
Jul 10 D Butcher   121 S Tibbetts   38 M Williams       
Aug 123 M Chaplin   105 P Hollings   74 T Hill      
Sep 51 J Wykes   120 W Pauling   46 C Mew      
Oct 92 A Fleming   39 P Richarson   7 M Chester      
Nov 56 Brinkow   78 M Ingram   1 M Dew      
Bonus 1st Prize (£40)   2nd Prize (£30)   3rd Prize (£20)   4th Prize (£10)
Dec 71 D Brasenell   97 S A Lawley   72 A Houghton   76 C Idle