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Saturday, September 21, 2019

Coventry District Outing (Sat. 21 Sep, 2019 10:00 am - 3:45 pm)

Tadmarton, St Nicholas, OX15 5TD 10am – 10:45am 6 bells Tenor Weight 11cwt

There is a ring of 6 bells, of which 4 were originally cast in the early 17th century and one in 1761. Two of the 17th-century bells were recast in 1923 and 1939 and the treble was added in 1947. The sanctus bell was restored to its original position in 1893. Access is through the north porch and up wooden stairs and up a short vertical ladder and trapdoor into the ringing chamber.

Parking – behind the village hall (old school next to church)

Horley, St. Etheldreda, OX15 6BJ 11am – 11:45am 6 bells Tenor Weight 6cwt

(T) in old school house next door The Grade 1 listed St Etheldreda’s church is mentioned in “England’s Thousand Best Churches” and contains one of the country’s largest and most impressive medieval wall paintings (c.1440) of Saint Christopher. The bells and frame were fully restored during 2013/2014. Access is usually through west or south door – ground floor ring.

Parking – On the west side of the church.

Lunch Information:

The local pubs in Cropredy are The Red Lion 01295 750224 or Brasenose Arms 01295 750244 - menus are available on-line. In Cropredy there is also the Bridge Stores and Mulberry Café both of which sell snacks and drinks. Also feel free to bring a picnic to enjoy too

Cropredy Village Information

Cropredy, St Mary the Virgin, OX17 1PB 1:45pm – 2:30pm 8 bells Tenor Weight 16cwt (T) available church rooms

The Cropredy tower has 8 bells, six of which were installed in the 17th century and the last two, Fairport and Villager were added in 2007. These bells were named to reflect the good relationship between the church and local Fairport Convention annual festival. Access is through west door - ground floor ring.

Parking - short distance from the church by the village green

Farnborough, St Botolph, OX17 1DZ 2:45pm – 3:45pm 6 bells Tenor Weight 6cwt

The original 3 bells were recast by W & J Taylor in 1844. at a cost of £57 14s 6d. When the church was restored in 1875, at which time the tower was raised in height and a spire added, the bells were augmented to 5 by Warners with the adding of a treble and tenor. The bells were further augmented to 6 in 1963. Access is on the south side in the porch where there is a short vertical ladder to the ringing room.

Parking – Small car park next to church

Please can we each give £5 to cover the cost of Tower donations for all 4 towers. Thank you.

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